Techniques for selecting towels to meet the needs of use. 

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Towels  are something that must be in contact with us all the time. And not just touching all the time, but almost every part of our body. Whether you use it to wipe your body after showering, use it to wipe away sweat, wipe your head, wipe your face, you name it, you wipe everything. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will come into contact with a lot of bacteria and become a reservoir for bacteria nearby. It is important to keep your towels clean at all times. 

  Choosing to buy towels to meet your needs. We need to consider the material of the fabric. Size of towel Regular activities and reasonable price rates These things are all important and directly related to the user. Report by ufabet

Therefore, they should be taken into consideration before purchasing towels every time in order to get the cloth that best meets the needs of use. 

  • Choose from the material of towel

Nowadays, towels are made from many different materials. It depends on what kind of towel we want. For example, if you want one that absorbs water well. It is recommend to choose cotton or cotton fabric. Because it is made from natural fibers that have the properties of softness. Gentle on the skin, durable and absorbs water well. However, it may dry a bit slower than other types of fabric. But if you want a fabric that is soft and cares for the skin, You should choose a cloth that is mainly made of microfiber material. Because this technology helps the fabric absorb water even better. Just twist or hang it to dry and in no time the towel will be completely dry again.

  • Choose according to the size of the towel.

Basically, towels come in many sizes. Starting with the standard size around 65 x 140 cm that we usually use to wipe things inside the house. Or if you have small children in your home and if you travel often, you can carry a small towel about 50 x 100 cm. to use as well. As for large towels , size 80 x 150 cm. to 100 x. 200 cm. Of course, every house must have one because it’s the one we use to wipe ourselves after showering.

  • Choose towels according to your regular activities.

If you are a person who likes to play sports or exercise regularly. You should choose a towel that has the ability to absorb water quickly, such as a towel made from cotton or 100% cotton, because after playing sports our body will sweat a lot. Sweat is consider waste that if wiped is not completely dry. Our skin accumulates bacteria and eventually causes acne.