Techniques for choosing to buy a hair dryer

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Normally, when I finish washing my hair I brought a blow dryer. Just let it dry without paying any attention. As long as it’s dry and clean, that’s enough. But who knows that in fact, the thing that I pointed out was really outstanding. Maybe it’s because of blow drying my hair without paying attention to anything. people who don’t have a background in hairdressing. There must be some secrets. And then the secret that It’s not anything difficult at all. Just choose a hair dryer condition only.

Choose the appropriate power

Sufficient power for a hair dryer It should be around 1,200 watts. This should be enough to dry your hair. But for hair dryers that claim to dry quickly and dry quickly, most are hair dryers with high power. If you ask me if choosing the power is that important. It depends on each person’s needs. If you like it, it’s convenient and fast. Choose a high-powered hair dryer. Will be able to adjust the heat level and wind force more. Or you may choose to suit your hair condition. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

  • Hair dryer with 1,200 watts of power for people with thin hair and people with thin hair.
  • Hair dryers with power of 1,300 – 1,800 watts are good for most people’s hair types. 
  • Hair dryer with power higher than 1,800 watts, suitable for people with large, thick or curly hair.

To help your hair dry quickly But a hair dryer with a high power It is often accompanied by a louder sound. Before buying, don’t forget to consider this point as well.  

Choose a hair dryer that can adjust the temperature.

Hair that is frequently exposed to heat There is a chance that it will become dry and frizzy. But as I said, if you don’t use heat to dry your hair, It has a chance of causing fungus on the scalp and weakening the hair as well. Therefore, you should choose a hair dryer that can adjust the temperature and have several heat levels to choose from. On days in a hurry in the morning, use high heat. To make hair dry quickly But for days when you wash your hair before bed or on weekends, it is recommended to use a little heat and slowly blow dry your hair a little at a time. I won’t have to be exposed to hot air often. It will help reduce the problem of dry, damaged, frizzy hair from heat. 

Choose a with a cool air function.

In addition to adjusting the temperature You should choose a hair dryer that has a cool air function attached to it. When you’re finished blow drying your hair with hot air. Switch to blowing with cool air. To release heat from the hair and close the hair scales It’s a technique that helps the hair stay in shape and makes the hair softer, smoother and more shiny.