Countries with snow worth visiting Guaranteed to be cool to freezing point.

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Going on vacation changes the atmosphere in a country with a cool climate. It’s another interesting idea. Especially during long holidays like, it’s even more interesting to visit. Because it’s easy to plan a day and you can go for several days as well. For anyone who has an idea and wants to plan a trip to experience the cold weather. During the winter when there is fluffy snow covering the entire city. Here are the countries with the coolest weather at to introduce.


Austria is one of Europe’s snowiest countries, and Innsbruck, the capital, is ideal for world-class skiing and snowboarding. It is located along the Inn River and surrounded by the Alps. Or go enjoy the coolness and soak in the beautiful scenery of the world-class Damuls city. which is the number one famous village The story of the most snow falling is fierce and not considerate of anyone. You must stop by and visit here. Report by สมัคร ufabet


When talking about snow in Asian countries The first place we usually think of is Japan. It is a popular country that Thai people like to travel to the most. Especially in winter, in order to experience snow travel in Japan, you can travel to many cities such as Hokkaido, Toyama or Yamagata, etc. It is guaranteed that it will be very cold. Temperatures range from about 5 degrees to negative, but it is best to travel between December and February so you can make a snowman and play in the snow to your heart’s content.

Country South Korea

Countries with snow in Asia that Thai people like to visit. is South Korea Because it has a good atmosphere and inexpensive prices, especially in Gangwondo Province. From December to mid-March It will allow us to experience sub-zero temperatures, around -5 to -20 degrees, whether going to take photos, going skiing or snowboarding. Definitely satisfied with the coldness until it soaked the lungs.

How to prepare to go snow

  • Prepare lots of layers, whether it be sweaters, coats or long johns. Put it in completely. To keep the inside of the body as warm as possible at all times.
  • Shoes are very important. You should bring boots. It helps in adhesion to the floor and is also waterproof.
  • Other winter props Things you should prepare include a thick wool hat, scarf, gloves, and socks. For protection against cold weather.