Dembele disappointed at lower Lions offer

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Spanish publication Sport reports that Ousmane Dembele is disappoint with Chelsea’s offer to join the ufabet club as it is much lower than he thought.

         The France international is out of contract with Barcelona at the end of June. Previous reports revealed that the “Chao Boonthum” has already drop plans to negotiate a new contract because he thinks that the situation is unlikely to change from the original.

         Fewer offers from Barca than he is currently being offer have been on the table since December. And Dembele and his agents look to be able to get better offers from other clubs.

         However, according to Sport, the Blues have made an offer to Dembele, but it was much less than what he had expected.

         Reports say the 25-year-old is disappoint with Chelsea’s offer. With the feeling that the pursuit of London club Raheem Sterling has resulted in fewer offers.

         Dembele has not given Chelsea a clear answer on whether he will join the club and may now consider the possibility of staying at Barcelona again.

But Sterling is on enormous wages. And that has meant Chelsea have not been able to make as lucrative an offer for Dembele as he had been hoping for – though. It is still more than Barcelona are prepared to pay him.