Bale receives 22 times less wages in LA than King’s

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Welsh national team veteran winger Gareth Bale His salary at Los Angeles FC was almost 22 times less than he received from Real Madrid.

Bale has just confirmed himself to join Major League Soccer Los Angeles FC after his contract. With Real Madrid expires this summer ufabet.

According to The Athletic, the veteran star earns only $1.6 million per year from his new agency.

That amount is less than the $35 million a year Real Madrid received before tax, or nearly 22 times less than the original.

The report further revealed that Bale had been offer offers from four to five clubs, including Cardiff City. But the option ultimately went on an adventure in the United States with LA FC, who previously signed a contract with Jon. Giorgio Chiellini, former Italian national team defender.

At the time his agent, Jonathan Barnett, told reporters “what Gareth does next is not about money.” But it is about the World Cup, which Wales qualified for earlier this month for just the second time in its history.

The Welsh captain played a career-low seven games for Real Madrid last season and a repeat of that would have left him unfit. The move to MLS, conversely, will allow him to play every week to prepare for the tournament, which kicks off in November, a couple of weeks after the MLS Cup.