Tommasi has been name the new mayor of Verona

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Former Roma midfielder Damiano Tommasi has been name the new mayor of Verona.

         Tommasi, 48, was in the Serie A championship outfit with Wolves in 2000/01. Spending nine years as president of the Italian Players’ Association. Before going full-time in politics by running for the mayor of Verona

         It turned out that the referee received 54.4 per cent of the vote. Beating Federico Sboarina with 46.6 per cent to take the title of Verona’s new governor.

         Throughout Tomacy’s career. Tomacy is known for being extremely socially conscious. During the period referred to the injury was notified to the Roma agency to pay the minimum wage only. It also calls on Nike to only use footballs made with fair labor.

         For Tommasi, he is already a native of Verona after being born in Negrar. And starting his football career with the city’s famous ufabet club Verona.

He is from Verona and started his career in the Hellas Verona youth academy. Before moving to Roma in 1996 and remaining. There for 10 years, during which he won the Serie A title.

In the final years of his playing career, Tommasi also represent the likes of Levante, QPR, Tianjin Teda. And San Marino club La Fiorita before finally retiring in 2019.

Throughout his career. Tommasi is known for having a strong social conscience. Talking Roma into signing him. After a serious injury on the minimum wage. Then urging technical sponsor Nike to use only footballs. That were made using fair labour practices.